Technical assistance

SANE Case Debrief

One of the most important forms of self-care for SANE nurses is the ability to debrief a case with an expert SANE.  Strengthening Forensic Nursing: a RE Lab Project is excited to offer free individual SANE case debriefing for both pediatric and adolescent/adult cases. 

Example topics of discussion include: how to integrate a trauma-informed approach, charting/documentation, photography, evidence collection, medications, discharge planning, resource recommendations for developing your individual SANE practice.

Questions? See SANE Case Brief Q&A's

Organizational Consultation 

Free expert consultation is available for a variety of organizations, including SANE programs; sexual assault response team members such as advocacy or law enforcement; nursing education programs; health care facilities; and other organizations whose work includes responding to sexual assault or implementing trauma-informed care.

Topics of consultation include but are not limited to:

  • Trauma-informed health professional leadership skills
  • SANE program development
  • Creating a new SANE Program
    • Developing program documentation (charting, procedural documentation, evidence-storage procedures)
    • Developing on-call structures and procedures
  • Implementing suspect exams
  • Interprofessional trauma-informed work
    • Consultation with law enforcement and advocacy
  • Trauma-informed care education
    • Offering experiential learning in trauma-informed nursing care
    • Introducing students to careers in forensic nursing