SANE Case Debrief Q&A

What is the timeline for the debriefing?
You will be contacted within one week by a debriefer to schedule a 1-hour case debrief appointment. Debriefing will take place virtually over Zoom. 

What will the debrief include?
The focus of the debriefing is not institutional technical assistance or quality assurance, meaning we will not address protocols or procedures. Rather it is an opportunity to walk through the case with an expert SANE and consider alternatives, strengths, and opportunities in the way you managed the care of the patient. As part of professional development, self-care and sustainable practice may be addressed, although this service does not provide mental health counseling. After the debriefing ends, the project team will email a brief summary to you, including the areas of focus of the debriefing, strengths identified by the debriefer, and opportunities to advance your practice that were discussed during the meeting.

Does the debrief cost anything?
No, this service has no associated cost.

Do I need to be practicing as a SANE in Minnesota?
No, case debriefing is available regardless of the state you practice in.
We require supervisor approval for two reasons. Even though no protected health information is transferred during the debriefing, we will be talking about sensitive cases, and we want to treat that trust with respect for the patient and the healthcare institution. In addition, this is another opportunity to strengthen relationships with SANE programs across the region.

What if I am not able to upload my chart?
That’s okay! We can work with any documentation that you bring, from the full redacted SANE report, to a verbal description of the key points.