Strengthening Forensic Nursing: a RE Lab Project offers a SANE clinical residency experience.  RE Lab partners with two clinical SANE Programs for placement, Regions and HART.  The Regions SANE Program serves persons 13 years and older.  Hennepin Assault Response Team (HART) serves SANE-A, SANE-P and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) cases.  This residency has been approved for 17 CEU credits through the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN), and on-call and case hours count towards eligibility for SANE certification.

Residency Format

Participants stay in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN) for 5-10 calendar days. Participants will be on-call for the duration of their on-site time, with a respite period after a case. On-site days may be separated into 2 blocks, if needed (for example, 2 weekends of 3 days each). 

  • When SANE preceptors receive a call to attend a case, the participant will be notified to meet the preceptor at the case location and work on the case alongside the preceptor.
  • Participants will work with multiple preceptors and may attend cases in multiple locations.
  • Due to the nature of sexual assault response work, the number of cases each participant will attend is unknown and may vary.
  • Participants will complete supplemental coursework before, during, and after the clinical experience including self-assessment, case reflection assignments, trauma-informed care readings, and case and clinical experience debriefing.


SANE residents must:

  • Have an active RN or NP license
  • Have completed the 40-hour didactic training and clinical skills course for SANE nursing
  • Be practicing as a SANE currently
  • Be able to physically stay in the Twin Cities area and travel to clinical sites during the clinical section of the course (reimbursement for travel  and daily stipend available)
  • Be willing and able to meet the School of Nursing compliance requirements for clinical placement and meet the course clinical partner's compliance requirements for COVID-19 vaccination (COVID-19 exemption waivers will not be accepted)


To apply for the SANE residency, please complete this form.

Students are accepted on an on-going basis with clinical dates throughout the year.

Participants will be accepted based on eligibility, availability, and the priorities of Strengthening Forensic Nursing: a RE Lab Project.


  • Reimbursement for travel and a daily stipend is available.
  • Hotel lodging and parking are provided.

This residency is offered as a 1- or 2- credit course through the University of Minnesota School of Nursing and the tuition cost per credit is $1,018.00. Full tuition and associated fees are paid for by Strengthening Forensic Nursing: a RE Lab Project.  If a student does not successfully complete the course requirements or cancels with short notice, the project is unable to offer tuition or fee support and the student will be responsible for fees/charges associated with the late withdrawal.